Extender.linksys.com is the URL for the Linksys extender setup. This manual will help you in setting up your extender with ease. Also, here you will find some techniques and troubleshooting ways by following which you can easily resolve all the issues related to the Extender setup. 


Detailed and Thorough Process For Linksys Extender Setup

Follow the below-stated steps in order to install your extender without any interruption via extender.linksys.com web page. 

  1. The primary step is to link your extender to the power source. For that plugin your extender directly into the power outlet that must be close to your router. Within just a few seconds, you will observe that the Power LED light starts blinking. 
  2. Now, develop a network connection across your computer and extender. You can opt for Wireless Or Wired Network connection according to your suitability. If you are choosing the Wireless Connection method, select your default extender name after locating it on your PC wifi list. 
  3. Thereafter, you have to navigate to extender.linksys.com by inserting the URL in the address bar. Make a selection of the language that you well-understand and by following this, tap on the Start button. 
  4. The next involves reading the License Agreement. Read every statement given in the document and click “I agree” if have no queries regarding the license agreement.
  5. The extender will now show you another window. There you will view a list of all the Wireless Network Names that are present near you. Select your personal network name, mention its password, and then click on the Next button. 
  6. This will bring up a new window. Set a new Extended Wifi name and password by using which you can activate Wifi on your PC. 
  7. Now the Spot Finder Technology Page will be presented on your screen. If required, change the position of your extender and step forward for completing the extender.linksys.com setup. 
  8. Continuing with this, you will get to see the Linksys Range Extender Administrator Password page. Generate a new admin password for your extender that must be strong and difficult. Also, confirm the admin password by inserting it again into is a specified field. 
  9. Once you change the extender settings, the Successful window will come up on your screen signifying you that the extender.linksys.com setup is done. 
  10. Now, you have to reconnect your device with the new wireless network name that you have created in the above step. 

What to do when you are unable to reach extender.linksys.com Web Page? 

You may face several kinds of issues while browsing to extender.linksys.com and it is important to resolve them in order to set up your extender and configure its settings. Hence, look at the below-mentioned tips and fix your issue within real-time. 

  1. Your PC must be connected with the same Extender that you are going to set up. If you have used the Ethernet cable for connection, it must not be damaged. Otherwise, take a new one and affix it with your computer and extender. 
  2. If the issue does not resolve, you should power cycle your extender. Unplug the extender from the power source, and connect it again to the electrical outlet after a few seconds. Also, detach the ethernet cable linked with your computer and connect it again. If the connection issue still persists, there may be a problem with the Ethernet port, so use another port that is functioning properly.
  3. Check that you are entering the correct URL i.e linksys.com for reaching the web page. Incorrect URL will definitely not allow you to access the setup page. Also, make sure that you are typing the URL in the address, not in the search bar. 
  4. If you see any “Page not Found” or server error, it may probably be a browser-related issue. To fix this, delete all the past history from your web browser and update it. If you fail to resolve the issue, switch to a new web browser that must meet your system requirements.